5 thoughts on “Awww. Wansteadium disappointed”

  1. Yep – axed by Labour: http://bit.ly/1pvg0Ff Sure, sometimes there weren’t many people in attendance – but when there were bigger issues being discussed (parking etc), it was a great forum, and things got done. Doing away with them is a real mistake, in my opinion. At the very least, a more cost-effective alternative should be come up with.

  2. Don’t despair, surely your local councillors are having regular surgery sessions, which are far more frequent than area committees. Also where you will get 1:1 time with your councillor instead of being overrun by area committee regulars.

  3. Pointless waste of breath that won’t be missed.

    Did they ever reach a decision on the Chepstow £5k, lol.

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