Back to drawing board for ‘Queen’?

The plan to convert the former British Queen into flats, and to build further flats adjoining on what was the pub/restaurant car park, has been rejected by Redbridge Council. As we reported in November, there were several objections lodged to the plan, including those on the grounds that the design did not fit the style of Wanstead.

One councillor apparently described the design for the flats as being “goggle-eyed”, the Wanstead Guardian reported, with another saying the plans are “out of keeping with the street scene and… rather overbearing”.

4 thoughts on “Back to drawing board for ‘Queen’?”

  1. It seems like developers don’t really make an effort to blend in with the rest of the area. We can modernise without turning everything into concrete and glass.

  2. It’s now Al Kanz, although there was still an old Grill Garden sign up the other day. And it shut for Ramadan yesterday.

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