Bid for 20-metre 5G mast outside St Mary’s

Image: Google Earth

Redbridge is considering an application to put a 20-metre 5G telecoms mast on the grass verge at the end of St Mary’s Avenue, opposite St Mary’s Church – the borough’s only grade 1 listed building.

The plan includes cabinets on the grass and a paved area, as indicated on the images from the plans below. The mast would be five metres higher than the trees on the avenue and would be the next tallest thing beside the church’s clock tower.

The current church was finished in the late 18th Century, though earlier churches had been there from the 1200s. It is accepted as being one of the finest Georgian churches in London.

The application seems not to have been widely noticed, but public observations on it need to be submitted by 30 December. Details can be found at this address on the Redbridge site under reference 3919/22.

Image: Redbridge Planning
Image: Redbridge Planning

14 thoughts on “Bid for 20-metre 5G mast outside St Mary’s”

    1. Redbridge portal is working ok but regardless of objections I’m sure under the Telecommunications act of some date… the companies just have to post their attention but this will go through regardless, just might have the chance of getting it rejected as the trees I’m sure are part of a TPO as they are in a conservation area so have to be protected. This work will require a concrete slab to hold the equipment boxes so the slabs could affect the tree roots… I’m not an expert in tree roots but if there is an arborist on this site they might comment.
      Objection forthcoming ….

  1. Difficult to inspect or comment as the Redbridge planning portal appears to be broken…Perhaps it’s gone on Christmas hols. If anyone has better luck please comment here.

    1. Unfortunately you just have to keep trying…. it took me 2 days to be able to comment on it, others have connected ok straight away…. it’s about par for the course with Redbridge Council.

  2. I’m trying to place an objection for another matter….it’s been 25 minutes now and still not letting me in. Paranoia setting in

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