Wansteadium Christmas Quiz answers

We asked the following questions:

There’s a part of Wanstead that is forever Waterloo. Where is it?

  • Lots of entries suggested Nelson Road or Wellesley Road. The answer we were looking for, though, was the plinth on which Churchill’s bust sits outside The Bull, which used to be a cornerstone of the old Waterloo Bridge. (See more here.)

Parakeets are common in Wanstead. But they are not the most exotic creatures ever seen here. Where, exactly, was Wanstead’s menagerie?

  • The answer is the Temple in Wanstead Park, as highlighted by historian Hannah Armstrong in her Wanstead Fringe talk last year.

A register of historic sites which are at risk was published this year. It mentioned five spots in Wanstead: Wanstead Park, St Mary’s, Christ Church, the Grotto and one other. What was it?

  • The answer is the Garden Temple in the garden of Temple House in The Avenue. (See more here.) We feel like we need to know more about this.

So here’s the shocking news. There were no completely correct entries. Matt was closest, so we’re prepared to share bragging rights with him. Thank you for everyone who took part.