Big swing to Labour in Redbridge

New Wanstead Village councillors (l-r) Paul Donovan, Jo Blackman and Daniel Morgan-Thomas

Labour have made huge gains in the Redbridge council elections, winning 13 seats from the Conservatives and now holding 51 out of the available 63 seats.

In the new wards of Wanstead Village and Wanstead Park, it was a clean sweep for the Labour candidates, with newcomer Jo Blackman receiving the highest number of votes (2009). Long-standing Snaresbrook Conservative councillor Michelle Dunn did not win a seat in the new ward, and chair of the Wanstead Society, Scott Wilding, missed out by just 10 votes, also being beaten by a newcomer, Labour’s Daniel Morgan-Thomas.

The new state of the parties is:

24 thoughts on “Big swing to Labour in Redbridge”

  1. I can’t believe these results after the present council have made such a hash of things in Wanstead especially. Perhaps I’m paranoid but I do wonder how much the new boundaries have affected these results.

    1. Depends on whether your assessment of things being a hash are agreed by everyone else. My guess is probably not.

    2. I’m intrigued. ..when you say ‘hash’…exactly what do you mean? Maybe it had something to do with some of us residents getting tired of the ‘Wilks/ Wilding’ show who dictate what ‘we’ of Wanstead think….see ‘Wansteadium’.

  2. Congratulations! Good news for wanstead. as for parking, I’m pleased it’s been introduced I’ve been using the high street fat more since restrictions introduced. just need to extend now to Aldersbrook.

    1. You can’t possibly mean than now people can’t dump their car all day whilst jumping on the tube into central London there’s now spaces for more people to come to the high st and spend their money do you?? Well I never. I guess the only draw back is now that the entire universe has collapsed due to parking restrictions, there’s nowhere to shop…..

      1. What about the camera to monitor reduction in traffic to high street since parking restrictions introduced. Funniest thing I’ve read in months well apart from blue bell gate!

  3. Oh christ. Jo Blackman??

    All Jo Blackman really wants to do is turn every park and green space into a kids playground, including Wanstead Park, which has been perfectly fine for more than 100 years of kids growing up here, without a “playscape” constructed in it. . . . .

    1. Bit harsh I am sure that’s not all she plans for the local community. Not everyone has children and she has been voted to represent the whole community.

      1. It’s all she ever bangs on about, and I have zero confidence that she will “represent” the whole community as she seems very bent on her own niche issues very specific to one demographic.

    2. Before Jo Blackman attempts this, perhaps she should look at how people behave in parks and green spaces – particularly some dog owners who freely let their mutts run around in parks and green spaces, jumping on small children or running after them and then be told that the dogs are being ‘friendly’ and that ‘their really good with children’.

      I am tempted to buy a horse and get it to jump on one of these individuals and then tell them its being friendly!

      1. Indeed; I don’t think she’s thought about that aspect, which is rampant. Unless it’s “playscape plus reeeeaaallly tall fence”! lol

      1. Cycle lanes and road closures? Excellent news. Anything to stop the rat-runners using residential streets to shave 30s off their journey time bringing danger and pollution to where we live will be great.

        I’m sure you’ll be telling me how it will kill the high st though…just like the parking restrictions, erm, haven’t

  4. The Labour Party worked hard for their victory in Redbridge. Saw them out walking the streets, talking to residents and knocking on doors on many occasions. Great news!

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