What IS Time Out’s problem with Wanstead?

Results of one Forest Gate category

Sadly no Wanstead establishments made it to the Time Out Love London Awards 2018.

Several Forest Gate ones did though, including winners Bare Brew, The Duke and the Manor House, and runners up including The Larder and Luppolo.

Year after year the Time Out awards seem to have a problem with  the existence of Wanstead – for several years Wanstead venues were listed as being part of Leytonstone, until we threw our toys out of the pram and they were reclassified as “Leytonstone and Wanstead”. But now Wanstead is officially a part of Forest Gate. Personally we blame the Wanstead Tap for blurring the lines.

In the meantime, many hearty congratulations to all these Forest Gate winners.

11 thoughts on “What IS Time Out’s problem with Wanstead?”

  1. Wanstead markets itself all wrong. Lots of Londoners I know don’t even know where it is.

    Walthamstow on the other hand markets itself very well. I scratch my head at that one.

  2. Just about every corner of London is covered in the awards – but Wanstead is always either ignored or lumped in with other areas. Maybe Time Out thinks it really is a village and therefore not part of London…

  3. Well the Tap was the 2016 best bar in Forest gate but without wanting to confuse it even more we were recently voted the best cultural venue in the London borough of Culture. We would of course love to do more cultural events in Wanstead that are more than just the usual street party type things. Maybe we’ll be able to in the near future

  4. I agree with you Paul Garry. Walthamstow folk are much more active on social media, #awesomestow etc. But I also get the impression – having lived in Hackney and Tower Hamlets and with good friends in Waltham Forest – that Redbridge could do way more to promote the borough socially and culturally.

  5. I don’t think Redbridge does anything to promote what should be a culturally thriving borough. I really struggle to see anything of real interest in the borough compared to Waltham Forest or Newham

  6. It’s a local place for local people, therefore the had to enter under a different boundary as the mafia didn’t want Wanstead on the map. Out of towners are not welcome!

  7. I do think that the name of the Wanstead Tap is pretty damn misleading when it is most certainly firmly in Forest Gate. I’ve always thought that to be a bloody cheek.

    1. In their defence, the historic Wanstead parish boundary does take in that part of Winchelsea Road. And if it works for Dan & co (recently winner of a borough of culture nightlife award) then they surely deserve the benefit of the doubt? The Tap certainly adds to the cultural richness of life in Wanstead.

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