Wanstead Tube ‘second most dangerous’

Wanstead Tube station has come out second highest on the whole London Underground for passenger injuries. There were 22 injuries recorded in 2017, compared to seven for South Woodford and three for Snaresbrook.

The figures for local stations are:

No explanation has been given for the figures, or rationale as to what makes stations more dangerous than others. Wanstead’s relatively long escalators, for instance, might be a factor, but it still has more accidents per passenger than Holborn (2.06) or Angel (1.19) which have longer escalators.

The data was released by TfL and published by Accident Claims Advice, which has produced this map based on the figures.


London Underground Accident Map

5 thoughts on “Wanstead Tube ‘second most dangerous’”

  1. that is bad news indeed
    I’ve also complained about the dreadfully high noise levels between gants hill and Leytonstone and had hopeless replies
    Anybody else complained?

    1. Yes I have, twice, fobbed off with “we’re working on improvements “. Other people have complained too but nothing done.

    2. Nope, because the tube was there before me and this does not have anything to do with the headline.

      All I know is last year on two occasions my Saturday was ruined because inconsiderate people were jumping in front of the tube at Wanstead! I had to get the bus and it was full of dreadful working class people and their terrible children!

    3. Yes I complained about three years ago. We’d been in our house for years and never heard any noise from the tube, came back from holiday and all of a sudden we could hear it and also over at the Quakers Meeting House, when there had never been a problem. TfL has definitely done something to the line out of Wanstead to Leytonstone that has changed the noise levels.

  2. Actually I meant when ON the train -esp bad in summer when windows down
    but I’m sure it must be noisier outside for residents too
    Tfl pleaded freedom of info when I asked if they could say how many complaints been received but they are obviously very aware
    I was told I would need to spend 4hours on a platform to damage my hearing -who says?who has tested it ?not satisfactory

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