Bike breakthrough

Wansteadium reader Allen Chan writes:Hello Wansteadium,

Let’s take a leaf out of Waltham Forest’s book. They are so forward thinking and community led. For example they have put a Brompton bike hire unit next to the station in Leytonstone. And all for £2.50 a day. Is there any chance that Redbridge would do the same?…
Come on Redbridge ride on with your community or get on your bike!”

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  1. This is fantastic! But Redbridge don’t even provide wheelie bins (& if you buy your own no facilitates on the refuse trucks to use them) so alas this kind of scheme is a long way off! I do miss living in Leytonstone/ Waltham Forest.

    1. There is absolutely no need for wheelie bins in Wanstead where I live. They are unsightly and the refuse team will collect everything you leave in black bags.

    1. I don’t see any need for such a cycle scheme in Wanstead. It is well served by buses and two underground stations. Do we really need to follow things which are done in Waltham Forest?

      1. Goodness me! People being encouraged to use a bicycle for health, to save money, time and the environment! Whatever next? This is a local Borough for Local people, we don’t want any of that sort here!

      2. Perhaps it would help stop all those that drive and park/drop off at the stations. This can only be a good thing. The buses and tubes are busy. The roads are chocca with single occupancy innefficiant cars. Making bikes available is a cheap way at reducing congestion on our busy roads.

  2. Could we perhaps have some cycle lanes and be allowed to ride through the park; anything that would help with our terrible traffic. Then it would be worth having bikes for hire.

  3. Sally is Mrs Positive today.

    Wheelie bins are not as unsightly as rubbish bags split open by foxes.
    If we need bikes then why not Mayor of London bikes?

    Bikes just cause pedestrian chaos as well as a danger to road users. We have enough issues as it is, especially with the Zebra Crossing on Cambridge Park Road.

    Happy Monday

    1. Today (on average) there will be 5 deaths and around 500 injuries. Can you guess how many are from cars and how many are from bikes?

      Sadly, all the death and serious injury on the roads in our borough are from cars, not bikes. This is the very real threat to people out and about in Redbridge. Getting people out of the cars and onto bikes will make it safer for everyone and help reduce congestion.

      Finally, our hospitals are not full of people injured by bikes, nor by injured cyclists. They’re full of people injured by cars and to a much greater extent, people who drive everywhere.

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