Blake Hall roadworks relief?

Redbridge Council issued a press release on Monday saying that the council had agreed a number of steps with National Grid to alleviate the problem of traffic congestion on Blake Hall Road caused by roadworks to repair the gas main.

These measure include:

* National Grid agreeing to increase the number of “site operatives” and to have for longer hours, including Saturdays

* Introduction of temporary signs at the junctions of Belgrave Road /Blake Hall Road, Windsor Road/Lake House Road and Richmond Way/Lake House Road indicating ‘No Through Access’ to either Lake House Road or Blake Hall Road.

3 thoughts on “Blake Hall roadworks relief?”

  1. All well & good for road users, but what about local residence with the noise impact. I’m already sick of listening to constant car horns till late hours of the nite & not fun when it wakes my toddler

  2. ‘Saying’ and ‘doing’ are two different things. Again today went I went past there was only one workman on site. It will be interesting if they actually work to schedule or run over as is the case with most works. Once schools go back the gridlock will worsen. And believe it or not, I’m an optimist!

  3. I feel for the local residents here and have friends who will be directly affected.
    Clearly this is a case of poor management and lessons should be learnt.

    The road is a main route for most of us, especially at weekends. It is not as easy as just jumping on the tube for most and driving/buses are more convenient.

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