Some of the Blake Hell Road grief

Gasworks on Blake Hall Road have made the traffic there even more of a pain than usual. There’s no shortage of venting on Twitter and elsewhere, and lots more to come after it was announced that the roadworks would go until October.

But it’s not all bad news.

5 thoughts on “Some of the Blake Hell Road grief”

  1. so what can we do about it?

    anyone going past on a healthy walk (or maybe not with those car fumes!) that can take a pic of the reference number and we start to lobby the bods doing the work? Let’s get the number and start putting some pressure on…. afterall its going to massively affect school traffic/attendance come september when we will be seeing even longer queues..

    Any takers?

    ps wasn’t it nice and quiet yesterday when the roads were shut

  2. Re Gas Works[If works is right word]-just a few points
    1]Put in by the Victorians [so I’m told] who made things to last
    2]Repairs needs are usually botched up jobs as they use cheap materials these days-not done with the same care and conviction as originals.
    3]Lets as contact the repairers[that’s what there supposed to be doing] and ask them why when we go pass[Give time and dates]no work being done
    Wonder what excuse-sorry reason they will come up with

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