‘Blakey’ dies in Wanstead

Stephen Lewis, the actor famous for playing Blakey in the 1970s sitcom On the Buses, has died in the Cambridge Nursing Home in Wanstead, where he lived. He was 88. Rashid Ebrahimkhan, manager of the home, told reporters: “He still had his sense of humour, very much so. He was very resilient until the last.”

5 thoughts on “‘Blakey’ dies in Wanstead”

  1. If I had only known that he lived there earlier I would have visited him often! He was so funny on the box.

    It’s such a shame, There’s so much to learn from our elders and we never take time to slow down and listen. Another small national treasure lost forever.

    May all his heavenly buses come at the same time or should i say 24 by 7 as TFL are proposing. Rest in peace.

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