Look out for lost tortoise

 This is Harry, a 40-year-old tortoise who has gone AWOL from his Snaresbrook garden, probably now tramping through some Epping Forest undergrowth. His owner person, Tina Nieman da Costa, has been hunting for him without joy. 

Tina says: “We hope he comes back to us. We can’t imagine house without him.  He’s not very big – 7×10 inches at his shell – and although he’s 40, he was a rescue tortoise. Sadly his previous owner put a hole in his shell and painted him. There is now a missing shell segment and the paint is all gone but he never grew very big. We took him to a specialist who says he suffered a trauma when young (probably dropped). That being said, he is very friendly for a tortoise and loves strawberries and cucumber.”

Anyone in the vicinity of the Rivenhall Estate is asked to check their gardens and let Tina or husband Troy know. Tina’s on 07841 421267 and Troy is on 07735 577399.

8 thoughts on “Look out for lost tortoise”

  1. Harry was found yesterday by a lady who went to investigate her barking dog who, intrigued to see a walking stone coming out of the forest. He spent a whole week on holiday, but was tempted out by the sunshine and he couldn’t find any strawberries.

    Thank you so much to that wonderful lady and her dog and to everyone who called about the terrapin sightings in Eagle Pond, we were really touched with all your concerns.

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