Block blocked

Via Redbridge Planning

A planning application to put a five-story apartment building on Highstone Avenue, off Cambridge Park, has been rejected by Redbridge planners.

The rejection read: “The proposal, by reason of its scale, massing, cramped layout and close proximity to the Victorian host building, in the context of the two storey houses on Highstone Avenue and Chestnut Drive, would be harmful to the appearance of the streetscene and an overdevelopment of the site.”

It also said that the proposed flats would “provide substandard residential accommodation as there would a significant number of flats with substandard private balconies by area and depth, and no communal amenity space provided for future occupiers either”.

3 thoughts on “Block blocked”

  1. Lets hope its not too late for Redbridge to apply the same common sense to the ghastly development proposed at Snaresbrook station!

    1. Test piles going in today and take a look at the butchering of our trees…..cutting back accepted, but this looks dreadful

  2. Yet the high rise, dangerous (from a fire risk perspective) on Snaresbrook car park will be built? Two huge buildings, causing exactly the concerns as stated above plus NO balconies. Overlooking homes in Forest Close and Hollybush Close. Disruption to station users and parking…but they are passed. Wrong on so many accounts….this is shocking.

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