Buying bits of the Nightingale

Anyone wanting to make their own pub in their shed needs to hotfoot to the Nightingale where they are staging a grand sale of its fixtures. The pub is being renovated in time for a reopening next month.

Plans displayed at the site spell out some of the thinking, including plenty of space for “FOOTBALL/DRINKING BASED PICTURES”. Who knows what they might be.

The document also introduces (as far as Wansteadium is aware) the word “neuk”. It’s apparently a Scots word for nook. Anyone who can make a link is welcome to do so.

Good luck to all concerned with the renovations.

5 thoughts on “Buying bits of the Nightingale”

  1. Is Noel still at the helm? He’s run that pub wonderfully for many years! Or has he sold up to someone who’s seen the turnaround at The Duke?

  2. Good to see they will continue to show football (albeit it only BT Sport).

    The Nightingale is the only place to watch it currently other than jumping on a tube to go further out.
    Football is probably not important to most of you, but some people in Wanstead do actually like it and like an excuse to catch up with come friends to have a beer and shout at the TV.

    I feel for places like the Nightingale however.. They show sports when no other establishments do. BUT as soon as the Rugby World Cup is on, every pub in Wanstead is showing it taking the custom away from the Nightingale. This is always the same with the 6 Nations too.

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