Sainsbury’s ‘in Wanstead by Christmas’

Sainsbury’s will open its new convenience shop in the former Barclays Bank by Christmas, nearly 18 months after the bank left the prime spot on Wanstead High Street.

Wansteadium reader Pat Taylor wrote to the supermarket asking what was happening with the shop’s plan and received this reply:


21 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s ‘in Wanstead by Christmas’”

  1. Has a parking impact assessment been carried out as regards goods inwards/outwards/car parking? Where will the delivery trucks park?

  2. I presume the lengthy gestation is the result of some business reappraisal within Sainsbury’s given the carnage in the uk supermarket industry.

    On the one hand, it’s good that they see the local high street ( and convenience ) as a growth area along side .com but on the downside I hope it doesn’t crowd out local specialist food retailers. Casualties; Londis, one of the bakers, 7-11?

    Interesting on delivery trucks; when Tesco applied to build a parking bay outside their high street store it was refused. So they now have to block the High Street or park in a not great position at the soon to be Sainsbury’s corner. Who oversaw that great decision; the Local Area Committee. Lol.

    Waitrose or M&S by the Tube; must be true.

  3. This is a First World Problem for sure. Surprised that there might be demand for 3+1 supermarkets but it’s good to have choice and like now, I will share my custom. Anything that helps to remove need for people to drive to shop has to be good.

  4. I will say it again.. Would you all prefer empty run down units than actual open units providing services and employment?

    If you don’t like it, talk with your feet.. Don’t use them.. I will use them, I will shop around Tesco, Co-Op, sainsburys to get the best deals.

    If we get an M&S or waitrose down the other end then happy days also…

    Alternatively if you are not happy, open your own business with what you think would work.

    Al I ever read is ‘oh not another estate agents, nail bar, bookmakers, supermarket, pub, restaurant etc..

    We should be happy that companies, ones that are in trouble, think Wanstead is worth investing in. If they all read this forum then they would probably think ‘not a chance, not the most miserable place in England’

  5. My concern is that yet another supermarket will affect the business of our local greengrocers and butchers who have been in the High Street, offering a superb service, for many years.

  6. @Sally – you are a worrier.

    Supermarkets cannot replace local friendly service. As well as the supermarkets we also use the local businesses. I cannot see people all of a sudden stop using the Butchers or Green Grocers to shop at Sainsburys. What will happen is that the people who only ever buy Meat/Veg from Tesco/Co-Op will occasionally use Sainsburys and therefore it is only Tesco/Co-Op that will suffer.

  7. I buy my groceries from supermarkets but buy my fish from Kevin at Wanstead Fish, my meat and eggs from AG Dennis and my fruit and veg from Harveys.

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