2 thoughts on “Novel school magazine”

  1. For a school that charges upwards of £3,683 per term, I’m sure the going rate of £600 for a quarter-page ad in Private Eye is common sense.

  2. Once divorced, had to find thee best & most reasonable way for a good enjoyable education for my boys!
    Forest was provided by support of
    Waltham Forest Council, as being a single parent of 3 in those times as like now, was always casting Mother’s into a dark shadow!!
    Now many years later, Eldest is a qualified Accountant & Youngest is
    qualified Singing & Guitar Teacher!!
    Forest has “Open Days” for all keen or interested, plus an excellent Gym, even once had a small outside swimming pool.
    Now a mixed School, with top stimulative facilities.
    History surrounds this massive,
    “Field of Dreams!”
    Food is good also, wish I was young again!!

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