Bye bye Barclays

Wansteadium suspects it missed the actual day of the closure of Barclays Bank in the High Street, but it’s certainly gone today, Thursday. We discovered on our earlier post that the branch dates back at least to 1922, so this is quite an ending.

Incidentally, the cashpoint has also disappeared. Presumably the whole thing hasn’t been some elaborate heist?

Some after and before shots…



27 thoughts on “Bye bye Barclays”

  1. There is no growth in the traditional model operated by the supermarket chains, so very likely you will see smaller stores appearing on High Streets, from the likes of Sainsbury.

    Might even put pay to 7-11!

  2. I think the more choice of (super)markets the better. The Sainsburys Locals are not particularly cheap, but at least it’s healthy competition. Would much rather see a Morrisons ‘M’ Local though – slightly different ranges.


    “Oh no, not another convenience shop” blah blah blah!

    If it was a ‘Waitrose’ or ‘M&S Food’ then I bet you would change your tune, yet the instant negative comments come out immediately all because someone posted a ‘rumour’.

    The original post was about how the business has closed and some history of the building. Please also consider that people have lost their jobs as a result of this closure.

    I very much doubt that a Sainsburys will open a couple of doors down from a Tesco, please provide me with evidence where such a combination exists.

    I vote for a Nando’s, Prezzo or Pizza Express! Why not? I might even consider moving the building I was going to open my Subway Franchise to as this one I am sure will attract more custom.

    The more people object to someone opening a business to provide jobs and a service to the community then the more empty units we will have and less chance of ever appearing in the top 10 places to live.

    *Sent from my iPhone whilst walking to collect a parcel from Wellington Road.

  4. @goldb3rg

    Unfortunately, you’ve trotted out the line that the big supermarkets/corporations like us to believe – that opening one of their shops will ‘provide jobs in the local community’. Yes, it will. Low skill, low wage, low rights jobs. A numerous studies have shown that stores like Tesco Metros etc. actually take more out of the local community than they put in, economically, than a independent trader would. Now I’m not going to get all idealistic about what type of shop we should have – I too am sick of the middle-class moaners who have appeared round here, now that Crouch End has priced them out, constantly opining about a bakery, fishmonger, bookshop, etc. However, a big corporate chain is certainly not the answer.

  5. …… Not before I turned up with 3 years worth of 2p coins that had been collecting in my bedside table.

  6. @Juan Stead I am not saying Tesco/Sainsburys etc… is the answer but what I am pointing out is that the fickle folk recently went on a mission about how they ‘need’ a Waitrose or a M&S Food. Waitrose, M&S Food, Sainsburys whatever – they all sell food and usually the same brands.

    All I know is that if a Sainsburys did open then I can collect more Nectar Points!

    Let’s look at it from another angle. The places that are open, they are still open. So guess what, the Wanstead folk do use them! It is not like people from Walthamstow jump on the W12 just to use our Tesco Express..

  7. AN M&S would be great as they DO have the best food on the go… would be a welcome addition for me…..that or a descent off-licence…….

  8. AN M&S would be great as they DO have the best food on the go… would be a welcome addition for me…..that or a decent whisky/wine bar…..

  9. I just hope that it can be something attracting a middle class customer base with a London tinge. We really need to move upmarket around here and need a cool vibe to prop up house prices. I’d like to see a really good restaurant to challenge/augment Provender. A cluster of good restaurants would be a draw from east London. Otherwise we just get the chavy Essex croud like in the Duke. Let’s get some class!

  10. As Infraredbucket says, Sainsburys are moving to the former Barclays in Stansted Moutfichet which is next door to a Tesco Metro…which in turn is next door to a Co-op!
    It wouldn’t suprise me if similar happened in Wanstead.

  11. Please no more chain anythings. Heard a hideous rumour at the weekend that McDonalds were trying to aquire it. London has been taken over by all the big names. Lets try and keep Wanstead individual and independent. A town this size does not need three supermarkets especially as they all have their large stores only minutes away in South Woodford, Leytonstone etc.

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