Wanstead Barclays to close (but Tesco looks smart)

(Pic: Google Streetview)Barclays Bank in Wanstead High Street is to close at the end of June. Letters have been sent to customers announcing the closure, advising them that they will need to bank at the South Woodford branch.

The closure will mean one of the prime spots on Wanstead High Street will be available. The news comes on the same day that the new look for the refurbished Tesco is unveiled.

It would be interesting to know how long Barclays has been in the spot. Any longstanding customers please add a comment blow

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  1. HSBC has been down graded to counter service only e.g. They don’t do full customer service so had to go to south woodford to open son’s account.

  2. You guys are funny.
    M&S, waitrose… It’s next door to a tesco and we have a co-op.

    I vote for a paddy power!

    In all seriousness we need a decent gastro pub to show the cuckfield how it’s done.

    Turning a building like that into a supermarket… Really??? HSBC could do with a bigger unit.

    I would like to know what it used to be also.

    The high street is going to have more closed plots than open soon. People need to stop with the fickleness.

  3. Shame about Barclays, it’s a bit of a landmark for me having lived in Grosvenor Rd in the mid 80s.
    Let’s hope the new refurbished Tesco’s also improves it’s shoddy customer service too!! I try not to use it, should have been a Waitrose! But hey that’s just my opinion, I’ve got the South Woodford branch even though I’d prefer to support Wanstead!

  4. I have the photograph of the High Street which shows the building as London & South Western Bank Ltd which merged with Barclays in 1918. A small section near to what is now Boots was a shop. No doubt Terry, you can tell us who owned this in 1922!

  5. I think this is a shame. There are quite a number of elderly people in Wanstead who can’t get to South Woodford.

  6. Agreed, not every Wansteadian can get to South Woodford.
    Let’s hope it doesn’t stay empty, become yet another eatery or hairdresser, or something from the ubiquitous chains. A fishmonger would be terrific

  7. Richard, next door to Barclays Bank (heading towards Wanstead station) was an estate agent called Cockett,Henderson & Gillow Ltd at No.59 still there in 1935. In 1922 Dennis the butcher occupied Nos. 63 & 65 but by 1925 Dunhams occupied No.65 leaving Dennis’s in no. 63 only.

  8. what about an ‘upmarket’ food bank , if every one could donate their unwanted asparagus tips and quail eggs me an ‘er indoors would be up there like whippets !!

  9. Another coffee shop chain. Perhaps another Costa or Starbucks?

    I would welcome an artisan baker. Perhaps the bank safe can be converted to an oven?

  10. Ohhhhh a fishmongers gets my vote. Something like Fin & Flounder on Broadway Market would be amazing. Please not another beauty salon. How much personal grooming do the people of wanstead need???

  11. Typical of Barclays not giving one single ounce of thought or concern towards their Customers. The only people it suits is Barclays . Less and less service with total contempt for their Customers. Lets hope that plenty of Accounts move elsewhere preferably to Competitors. Have heard possibly T.S.B. might be interested

  12. Please please no more beauty salons fish monger would never survive the high st I’m afraid we used to have a fishmonger some 30 yrs ago
    What ever it will be the Public won’t have a say in it that’s for sure

  13. Listening to debate and phone-in on radio 4 re.supermarkets today and vote for either an Aldi or a LIDL – although the shopspace might be too small, perhaps a liddle LIDL – either way might help drive down some of the astronomical prices at the local Tesco and Coop!

  14. A decent Gastropub would be perfect. Its the right size and the Cuckfield could certainly do with some competition. Wasn’t there talk of the people behind the Red Lion in Leytonstone looking for a Wanstead loocation???

  15. I went into Barclays on Monday. The “manager” was out the front doing a bit of PR, brave man! I put my penny’s worth in – including complementing the very helpful staff… So that’s how they get rewarded eh? Apparently the decision was a business one, Noel you are right – nor an iota’s consideration for the customer.

    South Woodford hard to park and costs £1.30 for an hour.

    Hope TSB take on the building…

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