9 thoughts on “Café monitor: This looks interesting”

  1. Erm, I do believe it was called ‘Marios Shake Shack’. The lack of apostrophe always frustrated/amused.

        1. Only if it was signalling who it belonged to rather than being just a name.

          The White Horse pub. The White Horse’s pub.

          Marios Shake Shack. Marios’ Shake Shack.

    1. I’d assumed it was missing a comma – and that someone was telling someone else called Shack that people called Mario tend to shake a bit.

  2. Isn’t it the same people as Fat Biscuit though? I’m guessing they (rightly) reviewed the brand whilst refurbishing.

  3. Maybe they should call it “Open as usual” like the eatery opposite as that would save the trouble in changing the name in the future

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