Calling Wanstead musicians

The Wanstead Fringe is gearing up for its second year, and ace impresario Alistair MacQueen, right, is on the hunt for musicians who will take part.

There will be a number of gigs and performances at venues around Wanstead during the Fringe week (6-13 September), suiting a number of different styles. Last year’s evening gigs at the Larder were memorable events and the hope is that this year will be even better.

Any performers wanting to take part should drop Alistair a line via Twitter @AliMacQueen or email via

wanstead fringe* If you are thinking of organising your own event for the Fringe and haven’t yet got in touch to tell the Fringe folk about it, please do as they are compiling the week’s programme. The second Wanstead Fringe will take place at locations across Wanstead in the week of 6-13 September, and will include comedy, films, music, talks, cookery and children’s events.