2 thoughts on “It’s good but….”

  1. Wasn’t so long ago that the Gym at WSC was refurbed and quite comprehensively…..

    Which got me thinking; what other decent size capital projects have there been in Wanstead over recent years?

    1. Wanstead Sports Centre Gym Refurb
    2. Fencing and lighting at the War Memorial
    3. Classrooms at ‘gale ( begrudgingly included )

    Not counting
    1. The paddling pool ( too temporary )
    2. The obelisk / road sign thing ( too immaterial )
    3. Chewing gum removal ( too silly )
    4. Bench tables in the CG play area ( too immaterial )
    5. Wanstead Village signs ( really? )

    Missing In Action
    1. Community funding arising from Chepstow
    2. I am sure some councillor was championing renewal/investment in the CG play area

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