Changes for Wanstead roads

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Redbridge plans to introduce speed humps on Redbridge Lane West, the Green, St Mary’s Avenue and Mansfield Road.

In 2020 we reported that residents in Mansfield Road were campaigning for traffic calming measures because motorists were using the road as a rat-run to avoid the lights at George Green.

St Mary’s Avenue and Overton Drive are often used by motorists to avoid the congestion on Blake Hall Road, though they of course have to contend with the width restriction bars, which can take nerves of steel.

Elsewhere, the council plans to make part of Nightingale Lane one way. Traffic would not be allowed to go from the junction with Wellesley Road to the High Street, though going the other way would still be permitted.

Details of how to make representations about the changes are included on the statutory notices pictured below. (Click or tap images to enlarge.)

4 thoughts on “Changes for Wanstead roads”

  1. If they are anything like the “speed cushions” that have been installed on Roding Lane South, Redbridge then you have no worries. They are so small that all cars just carry on regardless with absolutely no affect to traffic speed.

    1. Long overdue. Cameras would be hard pressed to catch anyone maintaining
      20m/ph. Motorists are out of control especially along Redbridge Lane west this should also be extended to Warren road as this road to is used as a race track with also plenty of drug dealing at night by the car park entrance to the park . Lets hope the speed humps are large enough and prove effective.

  2. Width restriction on Overton Drive. Surely the narrowest on any road in the UK?

    As for John’s comment about “speed cushions”, I remember when speed bumps were put in on Langley Drive and in a week or two the council came along and resurfaced the road, massively reducing the height of the speed bumps!

  3. Hopefully they can fill in the moon sized craters first around these local roads before running to install the traffic calming measures to collect the ‘commission’ they will get paid from TFL for installing them.

    Nerves of steel aside, reduce the HEIGHT of the width restriction columns on Overton so that law abiding local residents aren’t forced to drive round Blake Hall/Cambridge to get out onto A12/A406 adding to the congestion just to avoid having their door mirrors ripped off trying to carefully pass through. Not to mention the non-local unwitting law abiding citizens ‘encouraged’ to use middle opening when caught out by same width restrictors unawares to only get caught by LBRs secret behind the bushes ‘extra bonus’ revenue camera trained on middle opening… all a bit pathetic.

    A bit of common sense is all it needs but come to realise that is clearly too much to expect from this useless Council and their Cllrs even after raising it with them, however they are super quick to whack in any scheme that will ‘whip up’ some extra revenue out of local people, especially if there are a few calls from local people for the said measures to deflect it onto ‘because the locals said’

    This council needs to be put in special measures for being diabolically useless.

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