There IS a plan to upgrade zebra crossing

Pic: Jennifer Baptist

Without making a fuss about it, Redbridge Council does have a plan to upgrade the controversial zebra crossing on Wanstead High Street.

It is planning to raise the level of the road at the crossing near the Co-op so that it is kerb-height, helping slow drivers and also making pedestrians more visible.

The plan is one of a number of speed bump proposals the council has in motion -and was spotted by long-time Wansteadium reader Richard Menzies, who contacted us after our stories last week.

He writes about the speed bump notification:

The notice in relation to speed bumps – at paras 1(o) and 2 – proposes a 12m long (i.e. 12m along the road) flat-topped kerb-to-kerb speed bump on Wanstead High Street, centred “approximately 12 metres south-east of the south-eastern kerb line of Grove Park”. This one stands out a bit from the others in the list as it is the only one on this side of Cambridge Park Road/Eastern Avenue and it is a lot ‘wider’ than the other humps/cushions.

It is around 26m from Grove Park to Woodbine Place, with the zebra crossing approximately in the middle. It sounds as though they are proposing to make this a ‘humped’ zebra crossing.

We’ve asked Redbridge to confirm if this indeed the plan.

Various ideas have been floated by other readers for addressing the problems with the current crossing – with one reader, CB, proposing a 20mph speed limit on Wanstead High Street, to match similar measures introduced in Waltham Forest.

6 thoughts on “There IS a plan to upgrade zebra crossing”

  1. Will the few parking spaces left on the high street remain or are they planning to move the entire structure by the chip shop and coffee shop?

  2. Just take the middle section out and increase each pavement 2 metres into the road each side . Simple cheap and effective

  3. Why can’t that stupid structure that hardly anyone uses (or cleans) be moved in to the park opposite? The council been sold another pup no doubt. Surely there is enough space over there for the council’s new cafe as well? The monstrosities can be kept together!

    On the subject of council cafes, why can’t this cafe enterprise be housed in the derelict Cherry Tree council cafe already there opposite the bus station , saving the taxpayers millions?

  4. Oh, so long as they are not making a “fuss” about it, that’s great. It’s been a vulnerable point for years…

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