Cherry Pie still has soggy bottom – 10 months on

Earlier this year we highlighted a problem at the George, where a leaky drainpipe was making Wanstead’s famous Cherry Pie sign constantly wet. Moss was growing around it, and when it rains you can actually see water running over it.

We wrote this post highlighting the problem, hoping that either Lord Sugar’s company (which owns the George freehold) or Wetherspoons (which runs the George) would get the drainpipe fixed.

Well guess what. Nothing has happened. The picture at the top of this post was taken on Thursday.

Water is still running over the sign, moss is still growing, and it’s more verdant than ever. Unless this gets fixed, one of the remaining parts of Wanstead history will be going the way of Wanstead House.

George customers can help – every time you visit the pub please ask them to make sure the drainpipe is fixed. Hopefully the message will be received.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Pie still has soggy bottom – 10 months on”

  1. Surely Wetherspoons’ Tim Martin is rich enough to fix it, what with all those Brexit-benefits he kept telling us about, before the referendum.
    No – me neither.

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