Tree sellers on their way back

The controversial Christmas tree sellers on Christchurch Green are on their way back, with fencing being put up in readiness on Thursday afternoon.

Last year the sellers raised the ire of many folk who didn’t approve of the green being used for commercial purposes. Some feared it would damage the grass (though this did not seem to happen – see our post from earlier this year).

Wansteadium understands Redbridge Vision has agreed that the same team of sellers as last year will again be operating from the green.

However this year they will face additional competition as trees are to be sold by the Duke pub from the churchyard of St Mary’s Church on Overton Drive, with proceeds going to charity.

7 thoughts on “Tree sellers on their way back”

  1. Great idea from The Duke and thanks to St Mary’s for giving the space. I hope this can be well advertised. Do Redbridge never take residents’ opinions into consideration? Rhetorical question!

  2. I think the issues are much the same as last year. The tree sales are a lifeline for our own local shops who are struggling, the location closes off much of the view from the High St onto the Green at a special time of year. One business owner told me that, despite promises made that they would be warned in advance, the Council did not get in touch.

  3. Disgraceful allowing this venture to operate again. Like the expensive coffee shed there, I will be avoiding buying anything associated with this rotten Borough Council. I would rather buy from one of the hard pressed shopkeepers, especially in the current climate. The little man selling freshly squeezed orange juice outside the old Jollife Builders is a morning delight but I wish he would stop smoking whilst serving people.

  4. I think it’s a good idea. Let’s be honest, the quality of trees from retailers on the High Street can be hit and miss. Some years good. Some years shocking. You often don’t get to see the trees (they are already netted up).
    With Tree Amigos, you get to see your tree fully open.

    Instead of getting the Wanstead residents’ pitchforks out, the local retailers should also try and get a pitch on the green, where you can then see the trees, and then when given a choice, locals would likely choose the local retailers’ (hopefully better quality) trees.

  5. It doesn’t seem to put anything back in to the community by way of employing locals.
    Better to support the Duke or the pet shop.

  6. The hypocrisy on view here is breathtaking. People banging on about ‘local shops’, yet no-one here complains about the big corporations on the High Street that local businesses have to battle against – Costa, Tesco, M&S, Superdrug and so on. They put next to nothing back into the local economy but take plenty of business away from local independents.

  7. The tree sellers no doubt pay a hefty fee to Redbridge Vision. The same organisation that puts on the Wanstead Festival. This Council organisation needs to utilise the commercial potential of parks etc, to help pay for community events. It’s good that we have a choice – support local sellers, the Duke and their charities or the Council.

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