Children of Wanstead: Feel free to play


The long-awaited refurbished playground on Christ Church Green is official open for business. Officials from Redbridge Vision have given the site the go-ahead and, following a slightly false start on Monday when some families thought it was already open, all will now be welcome.

So this is the completion of a mighty act of community self-help, something which started right here on these pages when, in October 2014, Louise Cutler kicked off fundraising with a letter to other readers.

Since then, a huge effort by the Wanstead Playground Association – recognised for their efforts by a Redbridge Mayor’s award for community champions – and the rest of the community, supported by various grant-giving bodies, has raised the funds necessary for the renovation.

And so as the children get playing, Wansteadium encourages anyone reading to doff their cap to Nicola, Sarah, Danielle, Louise and all those involved in this great thing. And children, fill your boots.

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4 thoughts on “Children of Wanstead: Feel free to play”

  1. Such a good community effort. Thank you to all who initiated and followed through this excellent development. It was so needed but you did it. Thanks the children love it and appreciate it.

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