Chilly times for Wanstead Co-op

Probably not wishing to add to the Co-op’s woes, Wanstead journalist Sean Farrell, who works for the Guardian, has nevertheless felt compelled to tackle the Wanstead Co-op’s broken fridge doors. He now appears to have had some success.

That didn’t work, so he copied in the bank’s chief executive Euan Sutherland.

Hey presto.

3 thoughts on “Chilly times for Wanstead Co-op”

  1. In fairness, the big stores put a lot of effort into social media – Tesco were very solicitous when I pointed out that UN food drops are less messy than their Leytonstone store.

  2. Well done Sean. Have thought about it every time I go in there (not often). And as a member I hate seeing them waste energy and money. In their defence they are one of the only stores that don’t have their front doors open in the winter, which is another bugbear of mine.

  3. Am I missing something here? This is the only store I know of that actually has doors on it’s fridges.. Tesco don’t, Sainsbury’s don’t ? Are they even needed?

    When I was at college (about 18 years ago) I worked part time in a Spar and even back then the fridges never had doors..

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