The Duke lives

The Duke of Edinburgh pub on Nightingale Lane, subject of much speculation since it suddenly closed a few weeks ago, has been quietly reborn. An opening night on Thursday saw it become The Duke, serving trendy beers, hosting junk shop chic, and suddenly becoming one of the most Instagrammable venues in Wanstead.

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It also tweets.

8 Comments on "The Duke lives"

  1. Thumbs up from me; enjoyed the Love Not War very much last night.

    The start of something good on the pub front and long overdue for Wanstead.

  2. SO exciting to have something like this in Wanstead. Now, if we can just get a good kiddie’s playground up and running in Aldersbrook ….

  3. Excellent news for Wanstead! Can’t wait to give this a whirl. Although the loyal part of me is struggling at this potential cheating on the ‘Gale…

  4. Bad week for Beefy Botham. Day 2 of the Ashes collapse and then The Duke pick up 2 copies of his book in a charity shop ..

  5. Do they serve Weisbier at all? Need an alternative to the smugness and high prices of the Cuckfield…

  6. It’s actually very good. The beer is excellent and you get served in a tenth of the time that it takes at The Cuckfield. Possibly the best pint in this tube zone.

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