10 thoughts on “Come back Chicken Spot, all is forgiven”

  1. Saw this early Sunday morning, thought that perhaps the night before at Wanstead WI quiz was bleeding into Sunday morning, but clearly I wasn’t been asked: “How do you make a fried chicken shack even more unappealing?”

  2. Maybe the Wanstead Society is wondering why they spent so much effort harassing 62 Spice when it was a couple of doors up.

    This warrants serious harassment as it is an abhorrence. I suggest everyone writes to the appropriate dept at Redbridge,

  3. No, there’s been no planning application. The Wanstead Society have put in an objection and I suggest anyone who values the conservation area status does the same – as it will compel Redbridge to take some action.

    It’s ironic considering the premises is so close to the new road signs telling everyone that it’s a conservation area.

  4. Yes it looks crap – but does anyone at Redbridge contact these business owners to try to help them out before they deliver yet another design crime?

  5. While I don’t think it keeps to Wanstead’s Conservation status, the only new entrant to the High Street that has bothered to do so is Tiffin Tin. They replaced a newer aluminium shopfront with what may have been the original style (no-one seems sure what was was there before). Granted Stitch were also harangued into keeping the painted sign but when Tescos and Boots can put aluminium frontage with backlit signs without the council coming down hard on them, then I don’t see why small business owners should be bullied purely because they can’t afford lawyers to bat the council back.

    I know someone will remark that why should we give up altogether just because the big boys get away with it, but unless the planning process is seen as democratic and equitable, it loses any moral authority and just becomes a vehicle for pushing a middle-class aesthetic on the small business owner.

    That said, I wish there were no backlit signs and all shopfront were timber framed with fanlights like Tiffin Tin, but then I’m thinking of painting my front door in Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon.

  6. It’s a welcome breeze from the old chicken spot. I’m excited to see whats like on the inside. People need to wake up, it’s wanstead not Mayfair

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