Cub camping kit back home

Earlier this week, we reported the theft of a cub group’s camping equipment. Bob Bradford now writes:

I am writing as the Group Scout Leader of the 21st Epping Forest South Scout Group based at St Gabriel’s Church, Aldersbrook.

First can I say how heartening it has been to see, on Wansteadium, the many posts of sympathy and offers of support following the theft of our group trailer and associated camping gear. We have also received offers from residents of the Aldersbrook area. This has meant a lot to us. Thank you all.

The good news is that following some fantastic detective work by one of our leaders we have managed to track down and recovered all our tents from premises in Romford. Once the situation was described to the manager of the premises he had no hesitation in returning the equipment and added in an additional tent by way of an apology.

Within a couple of hours the trailer was also returned with most of our ancillary equipment: tables, benches, water carriers etc. though some equipment such as heavy duty gas burners and cooking utensils were missing.

The gas burners were delivered back to us, as promised, at our Scout meeting last night. Though we have most of the equipment back it is apparent that some has suffered damage and will need replacement or repair. We will have to replace all the cooking utensils with catering quality replacements.

The situation is a much happier one than when Justin initially placed his comments and at a meeting last night we began the process of reviewing our current practices to minimise a repeat of what happened.

A number of people have offered donations to assist us in replacement of lost or damaged equipment and if they still wish to do so they can make a BACS payment to our Cubs account. .. Sort code 40-07-18 : Account Number 51243454 or alternatively by cheque payable to 21st Epping Forest South Scout Troop; c/o 26 Park Road London E12 5HQ.

Once again, our thanks to you all. The community spirit is really alive in Wanstead.

Yours in Scouting

Bob Bradford
Group Scout Leader
21st Epping Forest South Scout Group