27 thoughts on “A catch for Wanstead”

  1. I went twice yesterday I was so excited, and had the most delicious fish lunch and dinner, couldn’t fault it. So happy to have this wonderful place in Wanstead

  2. Great to see this opening
    Congratulations and I hope it’s a real success. Will definitely be popping in to see what’s there that can find a plaice on my plate.

  3. Fantastic addition to our High Street and a fantastic, classy looking fit out of the shop too!!! Look forward to supporting this shop for many years to come and wish them the very best of luck!!!

  4. We purchased some beautiful salmon fillets for the whole family and they were outstanding. A million miles away from supermarket fodder. Very reasonably priced too. They are selling Ortiz Tuna too which is the best money can buy.

  5. Fish for tea last night and fish for lunch today.

    Fresh salad Nicosia made with Tuna from the shop, and wanstead grown veg. perfect.

    Now for the smoked whole mackerel that is eyeballing me from the fridge.

    Lovely shop, lovely people. Result for Wanstead.

  6. so excited for the weekend, when I can pop in and have already decided that we are having FISH for dinner. Welcome and wishing you all the luck. 🙂

  7. First photo apart from the smart chalkboard, looks like a fish jumble sale.

    Having haddock a look at the other snaps, presentation is better

  8. Can someone tell me exactly where it is please. I have just walked from Wanstead station to the bus stop opposite Boots and couldn’t see it!

  9. Next to Nice Croissant.

    Still has the Azzura sunshade( from the previous tenant ) and as there is no sign, it is best to look out for the inflatable fish.

    To be fair in bright conditions, it could be easily missed.

    1. Now I know where it is I will definitely be paying them a visit. Can’t believe I walked straight past it yesterday!

  10. My powers of observation must have deserted me. I was in Nice Croissant on Tuesday afternoon and didn’t notice it. It obviously doesn’t smell fishy! I’ll certainly check it out at the weekend, a quality fishmonger’s shop is just what this area needs!

  11. At last a fishmonger in Wanstead! Delighted this shop has opened as now we have fresh fish on our doorsteps as opposed to the tired looking offerings I see on supermarket displays let alone the pre-packed stuff that is probably months old.

    Was another nice surprise to find the shop still open at 6.15pm and after suffering the dreaded summer commute on the Central Line my spirits were lifted to be able to go in and buy some delicious fresh fish for dinner.

    The owners seem like really nice people and the shop looks just how it should be so come on residents of Wanstead show your support by visiting regularly….if you don’t it will be back to pre-packed supermarket rubbish.

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