12 thoughts on “Definitely a Sainsbury’s then”

  1. I use Sainsbury for a ‘big shop’ but escape to Wanstead for something different in a High Street. It’s called atmosphere. Where else is there around here that doesn’t feel ‘bog standard’. I live in Chigwell and ideally would not like another supermarket on the High Street. Sorry chaps!!

  2. Where are all the people objecting to Sainsbury’s like they did when Tesco’s was coming you are all very quiet

  3. They are applying for an alcohol licence. If the council were to receive objections to the licence being granted then a hearing would have to be held – it would delay the opening and of course show just how many people weren’t happy with them coming. Maybe the sale of alcohol via un staffed terminals may encourage public nuisance on the high street especially that close to a primary school.

    It may not stop them coming but objecting to the alcohol licence and forcing a hearing would be a great way of showing public objection.

    Or people could simply not use it and let the market decide!

  4. If they have a better stock than Co-Op or Tesco I welcome it. It’s fraustrating not being able to get fairly common things from either! You’re unlikely to get anything exciting in that space instead. Wanstead lost the plot for me when they let Starbucks & Tesco in. BTW the chinese takeaway opposite Wanstead station is closing on 16 August – wonder what that will be in the future…

  5. I hope everyone here who is not happy about sainsbury’s will continue to support in future the fantastic butcher, the fuits and vegetable shop and all the local shops we have in wanstead. I don’t have a sainsbury’s or tesco or boots card for example.

  6. The easy way to stop Sainsbury’s new store being a success is to boycott it, but looking at the regular crowds in Tesco I am sure the new metro store will do very well.

  7. I live really close to where the Sainsbury’s will be. While I agree we don’t really need another small supermarket I am glad the site is not going to be a fried chicken fast food place, a betting shop, a nail bar or a pound shop.

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