Door-fishing warning update

Rebecca, from the Counties (those roads in Wanstead which are named after counties, like Warwick, Rutland, Leicester etc) wrote on Wansteadium on Tuesday about a “door-fishing” attempt she had suffered in which a burglar had attempted to hook car keys through her letter box. On Wednesday she sent this update:

Thanks for putting my last email up on your site. I’m afraid to say that at 5am, we were the victims of a break and entry. The crooks used a crowbar to force open a sash window and climbed into our lounge after failing to force open our front door.

They didn’t take anything as I was able to shout and scare them away but once again a warning. Advice from the police officers that people might want: Always lock front door from inside (obviously put key in safe place in case of fire).

The lovely sash windows which look so pretty are not particularly secure. Ours were locked but think about reinforcing with more than one as they can easily be forced open.

Not very cheerful news on this gorgeous day but I would hate for anyone to feel threatened in their home like we did last night.

She later wrote to us to say police had told them one or more persons were helping with their inquiries.

6 thoughts on “Door-fishing warning update”

  1. ‘Advice from the police officers that people might want: Always lock front door from inside (obviously put key in safe place in case of fire).’
    That is not at all good fire safety advice. doors should not be locked from inside with a key but with a thumb turn type lock. certainly the key should not be put somewhere other than in the lock as that will impede escape in event of fire and smoke (and panic).

  2. I was merely repeating what both officers and locksmiths had said as I wanted to give residents the heads up!
    In fact the thumb turn lock you mention was criticised as an unsafe measure if you have a letterbox.
    I appreciate your criticism must be coming from a good place in reference to fire safety – but as I said all experts who responded to this very frightening experience told me the same advice. I hope this never happens to anyone else.

  3. I should add that I also questioned this as a fire risk and perhaps the advice was specifically about the type of front door lock I have: one in which you pull the handle upwards to secure yourselves inside and pushing it down to open. This sort, if not double locked from inside with a key, can be manipulated with something as simple as a flat head screwdriver. I was surprised by this which is why in my original message I mention not leaving the key far from the door incase of a fire. Personally speaking, letter boxes seem like a completely ridiculous idea now.

  4. Yes, we have a very good alarm! And security lights and great neighbours. This isn’t always enough to deter some people

  5. Was the alarm armed? Did it go off?

    Not clear from your posts.

    Just reviewing my own game and sorry you had to go through this.

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