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  1. Not suprised. Lady served me once in there and was very abrupt and rude. (I know! In a florist…) I only asked her for some advice on what flowers I should by my mum for Mother’s Day.

  2. What a shame there was always something exotic in Blush. More so that a dry cleaners, well s’pose that depends on who will be washing what.

    Wont be the best backdrop for the adjacent restaurant tho

  3. Another Dry Cleaners.. Why do we need lots of everything.

    In fact taking into account the ones in the Tube Stations, we almost have more Dry Cleaners than Nail and Hair places!

  4. No, we definitely do not want another dry cleaners, and another dry cleaners will fail. Blindingly obvious, I would have thought. There seems to be people with more money than business sense around at the moment.

  5. That’s capitalism folks!

    To be fair, I use dry cleaners much more frequently than I but flowers. The big question is, will the traffic warden sit in this one and eat his sandwiches, like he does in the others?

  6. This place is quite nice but went down hill recently selling old books and cheap old Chinese ornaments in desperation and the tat that they sell at the top end of the high street. Another dry cleaners? They are demolishing the building at Snaresbrook Station and the current cleaner there is operating from a shipping container. Maybe it is them that are moving in? Maybe this is a further decline of the bottom end of the street, although the top end is falling in quality businesses rapidly. Ice cream bars, chicken shops, that ‘Roast’ whatever place with the cruel Halal meat. Not a pretty street scene at all.

  7. What a pity, another Dry-Cleaners, the shops are definitely losing their appeal for me, very little is exciting. Some shop ‘fronts’ are beginning to look tatty, I was surprised to see a supposedly up-market estate agent like ‘Felicity Lloyd’ having just moved onto the High Street with a really dowdy matt purple signage, looks like somebody has just taken a paint-brush and had a go at it. Perhaps they’re not expecting to be here long, so won’t spend any money on it! To be fair it dosent help being next to BBQ, another dark-coloured signage.

  8. Well if residents would like to keep their village shops in tiptop order then they should be willing to spend a little on keeping the shop fronts in order. Maybe donate to a central paint fund and volunteers to paint it.

    It’ll never happen though as you all like to moan but do nothing about it!

    So roll on cheap and nasty fast food shops, dry cleaners, betting shops and nail bars ‘cos that’s what the residents want!

  9. Low quality ice cream bar, chicken ‘shop’, cruel new halal place? Mate, you want to cloak your prejudice a little better. Wanstead folk have a skewed sense of what is actually already on the high street.

    The ice cream bar has been a welcome alternative to estate agents, hair and beauty salons and charity shops that form too high a percentage of new businesses in the last few years. BBQ express, whatever you might think of the food is a lot smarter than the Chicken Spot. As for Roast, I’m no fan of the signage but I’m willing to let it open before passing judgement.

    I know, let’s open a shop like the ones off Columbia Road that twenty items in the entire place selling wanky 1970s salvage for three figure sums to bearded folk in skinny pants. Wouldn’t that make us all feel better about cool Wanstead.

    Has anyone from the smarter high street lot ever dropped info and advice on their campaign through empty stores rather than wait them to put up signage that gets everyone’s knickers in a twist?

    (Been here 13 years and own a office-based business based in Wanstead lest anyone wonders…)

  10. I’m guessing whoever is moving their business into the property has done some market research and identified some demand. If not, then those who don’t want a dry cleaner won’t have to worry as it won’t be around long unless the demand is there. You never know it might be the best dry cleaners Wanstead has ever seen in which case it might drive one of the others out of business and make room for something new and exciting.

    I have to agree with George here. This is capitalism. It is a good thing. Vote with your cash. Change is a good thing and the only bad thing in this scenario would have been a vacant shop.

  11. Fyi, the “cleaners” at snaresbrook in the containers are primarily ironing rather than cleaning. That’s why they are called the Ironing Board!

    That said I can’t imagine another dry cleaners can provide something the others cannot supply.

  12. I’ve always found dry cleaning quite expensive, so maybe competition will be good for prices; just a thought.

    Clearly the market decides what lives on the High Street, although I would support some intervention around certain things; crap takeaways, bookies, pawn shops and the like.

    On balance there are some good things happening; Duke, Longhorn, Allied Irish restaurant etc

  13. Well spotted Stuart, when a discussion about a potential new business opening draws in covert racism, which isn’t so covert, it speaks volumes! As Joff points out, ultimately market forces should and do dictate, I wonder what the reaction might be to all the different eateries on the high st that do elect to use that ‘cruel’ halal meat out of choice or catering to demand… pathetic, now watch some nimby go ‘nosey’ up and down the high street!!

  14. No No No… Please do not play the ‘R’ card just because the argument is not going your way. That in its self is just as bad… Seriously stop it right now!
    Lame and you should be ashamed!

    Saqib, you have it spot on! Monster Girl 😉

    I have said this many times and I will continue to do so.. If you feel you can do better then do!
    I have pointed out that the Bookmakers that have opened have remained, it is supply on demand. OK you do not ‘approve’ but are they harming you? They employ locals, and it is locals that use them. We do not have bus loads from outside the area coming just to visit our Ladbrokes because the instant tea/coffee they sell is better than the Paddy Power at the end of their street do we.

    What DO YOU all want? Why is it acceptable to have 27 Nail and Beauty Bars?
    Why is it always suggested to have a second of something that we already have? For example I have heard murmurs of folk suggesting another Green Grocers. The moment you do that, a price war starts and one of them goes out of business.
    People who run these independent businesses are human beings. They have families and a responsibility to feed mouths.

    So, a flower shop is closing.. We still have more than one on the High Street. I will not accept that Tesco put them out of business. Folk who buy flowers from Supermarkets are never going to buy flowers from florists, true story.

    A lot of you only want eye candy. To be able to walk down the High Street with friends and family from outside the area and be able to say ‘La-de-da, over here we have our Fish Mongers which I would use if I eat fish, over there we have an Artisan Bakery which I would use if I didn’t bake my own bread, over there is the bloody Tesco! I wish they would replace that with an overpriced Waitrose or M&S food because I am so middle class I simply can not be seen in a Tesco. Oh and here we have the old Barclays building. Shame it is closing, although I am with HSBC and I do all my banking on line.’

    Wake up people. This is not Downton Abbey, you are not better than the person coming out of the bookies and as for those calling the ‘R’ card… It sickens me.

    There is absolutely no sense of community on this forum and most of you are not being realistic!

    Next time one of you mentions an area outside of Wanstead that has this, is known for that then make a move.

  15. Shop Keeper, apologies I missed mentioning you. Spot on yet again!

    Who want’s to open a Subway Franchise with me? I WOULD use it.

  16. I hear you and agree with all your points (goldb3rg) save one, any form of R sickens me! The fact is references are being made in different topic threads loaded with tenuous links to the same prejudice veiled or otherwise again and again… At the end of the day you can pretend it isn’t there or call it what it is. The truth can and does hurt sometimes and if someone feels the debate is shut down for them as a consequence then that is down to them. Have tried more subtle tact, I now choose to be direct, you can only remain silent and disappointed for so long before you have to stand up and challenge this b/s… at least it is now out in the open!

  17. And with that, perhaps we could close this thread. Also let’s leave the discussion of halal meat. It looks like the issues have been aired and there’s not much point reheating them.

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