Erm… Sorry to break this to you…

It seems, just like Star Wars, the Wanstead Parking Saga has yet another sequel. A mostly under-the-radar consultation document has been distributed to houses on Wanstead Place with a view to introducing pay and display on the gravel area outside the church.

parking2The proposal is that there would be a maximum stay of two hours, with 30 minutes free, but pay and display or pay by phone for longer than that.

The consultation follows a large petition which included many patients from the Wanstead Place surgery who find it hard to visit the doctor. But it will prove controversial with people visiting the church, and it has been asked why the restrictions should apply even on Saturday when the surgery is closed.

It’s almost exactly two years since peace broke out in the Wanstead Parking Wars, when the introduction of parking controls through many streets in central Wanstead was restricted to a single hour in the morning. This meant that parking by commuters was impossible, but for people who wanted to pop to the High Street, parking was, again, possible.

Councillors have repeatedly indicated in meetings in the past two years that there was no appetite to re-open the debate, but this proposal does that, even if only for Wanstead Place.


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6 thoughts on “Erm… Sorry to break this to you…”

  1. I suspect most visitors to the High St by car would be OK with 30 mins free. It would suit the majority of my visits.

    However, if visiting the doctor you couldn’t even purchase a 1 hour ticket with any confidence so patients liable to clock up some lucrative fines for the Redbridge Council, or you need to pay £2.90 per Doctor visit to make sure you avoid a fine.

    There isn’t an easy solution. It’s a balance to stop commuters clogging the streets versus the needs of local residents and High Street shoppers.

    A 1 hour pass from the doctor’s surgery would be ideal but can’t see the surgeries or the council agreeing to that.

  2. I wonder how many people actually need to drive their own car to the doctors? I suspect it is a small number.

    Some alternatives; get a cab, walk, use the bus, get someone to drop you.

    Signage, plus cost of ticket machine, plus paying for the mindless bureaucracy to make the decision = the cost of decent bit of play equipment for the park.

    Choices, choices

  3. I would wager that a huge number of people in cars on the high St don’t need to be. I live 8 mins walk to wanstead tube. I see plenty of my neighbours driving and I very much doubt many are incapable if walking.

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