Evergreen Field flats approved

As expected the major development on the Evergreen Field on Wanstead High Street was approved by Redbridge councillors on Wednesday.

It will mean a block of 24 flats and a children’s day nursery being built on the site, along with a landscaped park and lake to adjoin Christchurch Green. It could also mean an end to the uncertainty which has surrounded the site for decades.

Though the news was welcomed by some, the Wanstead Society was among those regretting it.

Chair Scott Wilding said: “Our view is this is a sad loss of an opportunity to save a piece of land that is classed as Metropolitan Open Land, gives the high street a view of the historic Christ Church Spire – which will now be lost – and could have been saved by the Council for public use as part of the park.

“Of course, there are those who will – rightly – say we need more homes. But the design of the building doesn’t lend itself to a conservation area. It’s a missed opportunity and a decision that can’t be reversed once taken.”

24 thoughts on “Evergreen Field flats approved”

  1. Part of the levelling up plan? Bring Wanstead down to the level of Ilford?
    Terrible cheap design and hardly in keeping with the ‘village feel’

  2. I hope the physical appearance of the building is more in keeping with it’s surroundings than the mock-up suggests it will be. This is a great opportunity for an aesthetically pared back building design, one that integrates with its leafy surroundings, makes the most of green credentials and doesn’t look like an already dated block. We’ve got RIBA architects living and working locally, here’s hoping they get an opportunity to tender for the design work.

  3. I despair . Redbridge Council is a disgrace. The Councillors who approved this should be ashamed of themselves. They won’t be of course. Ever green it no longer is.

    1. Are we really going to accept this without a further fight? What can we do to save this area and incorporate it into the green? Shame to our councillor who seem not to care about the local people and area of Wanstead village

      1. The fight was probably going to have to led by the Wanstead Society and although they were strong at the beginning, there was nothing really from the Society once we got to round two. I don’t blame the developer but he really knew how to play the system including a nursery to make people feel they could not object (Wanstead is over provisioned for nursery spaces), “affordable” housing – we all where that usually leads. They survived the first blistering round of objections, made minute changes and resubmitted. Lots of people how protest first time did not bother second time around. This is how developers work – they wear you down. That said VERY few people turned up at the planning meeting – I think because we weren’t full aware a decision would be taken on the spot. Clear that most councillors had no understanding of the site.

    2. our councillors were not there. When you have essentially a one-party council I think that proper scrutiny suffers.

    3. One of the more hilarious moments at what was rather an upsetting meeting was when the Planning official said it was the site “formerly known as the Evergreen Field”.

  4. I was there at the Council Meeting. None Wanstead councillor attended. No understanding of the problems that are going to be caused with having a building with no parking spaces for the nursery and 24 flats. You really need to KNOW Wanstead to see how chaotic it’s going to make the High St. Several councillors pointed out there is an over-provision of nursery spaces already in Wanstead. No consideration given to the plea for the Council to use its good offices to bring the developer and the community together to see how its huge bulk and effect on the atmosphere of the High St and view onto the church could be ameliorated. Public speakers against given only two minutes each. The planning officer asserted that since this would improve the public space the existing legal constraint could be waived. One councillor voted against, two abstained, everyone else just rubber stamped. That said, considering how many objections were made very few local people attended. Whole thing very disappointing.

  5. A small number of social housing units would have been acceptable but the approved plan is completely over the top for a small area like the Evergreen Field.

  6. Shame I wasn’t following this closely as I would have attended the meeting! I’m very concerned about the height of the building creating a shady high street,impacting businesses eg cafes Removal of nature will also have a great impact on mental health of residents. Using local architects who understand the area might be a good idea!

    1. You missed the boat, all hot air now! This has got in under the radar, no councillors attending to object is disgraceful.

  7. The land , although green, was wasted and inaccessible. It was private land so no body had the right to consume it. We need places to live. This will bring investment and housing and extra green space.
    Everybody commenting here lives in a house or flat that at some point destroyed green space and blocked someone’s view. And to suggest that anyone who thinks this development is anything other than a horror is in some way corrupt is at best nimbyism and at worst, libellous.

    The idea that a London Town should live in some idyllic 1950s paradise is ridiculous. Life moves on. My kids will need somewhere to live. We have a chronic shortage of housing in this country with huge socially scandalous implications. I’d live a view of a church. But I’d far rather people have shelter. Something every contributor no doubt here has yet they want to make it harder for everyone else.

  8. Well in the end money talks louder than anyone’s objections. We only have to look at turning The George into a gastropub.

  9. Why do we keep voting these people in?
    I’ve attended planning meetings in the past. The lack of quality amongst the committee members is stark and I have seen projects pass that should not have gone ahead.
    A vote for literally anyone else would be better.
    If it’s true that no Wanstead councillors there, this should be addressed as this is the biggest change to Wanstead since our police station was taken away.

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