13 thoughts on “Exciting news! The successor to the much-loved Andrew’s Builders Merchant is…”

  1. I wish I’d had the money to open this as a shop it’s such an old Wanstead building… I’d have had to win the Lottery… but I think I’d have put it to this Page to decide what was needed to be sold in it. Shame it’s offices now.

  2. that’s OK – a few more employees around the place to keep the high street going – not a problem. arguably better than another shop etc. the high street needs people on the highstreet five days a week supporting it

  3. We all love a bit of Sarcasm.. but this site gives too much!

    What do you want? Why did you not lease it and open up offices where the Wansteadium Mafia can decide what we should and should not have in the area?

    It is now an occupied unit. It will detract squatters and most of all IT WILL CREATE JOBS!!! Just like any new business that opens in Wanstead, no matter what or who it is, jobs are created and thus generates more revenue for the area.

    The argument is getting old now. But hey, will they have off street parking or will they have to pay like the rest of us? The land outside of that building is an eyesore! Maybe, just maybe they will repair it!! Heaven forbid though as they will have to go to consultation regarding the shade of grey they use.

    Let’s all hope that they don’t have an illuminated sign! Only Stow Brothers appear to be allowed one of them.

  4. Yes – c’mon Wansteadium! That’s a very poor response to a company that’s decided to move/ invest in the area – what’s wrong with an accountancy firm anyway?

    1. Lets hope the council’s plans for parking shows them how a nice thriving high street can exist without quite so many selfish motorists ruining it for the majority.

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