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Best of luck to the new Turkish barber opening in the former Closet site. It’s good to see such a prime spot on the High Street being occupied again.



BUT, dear reader, please allow Wansteadium a moment of wistfulness for the lost shopfront which had been a feature of the shop for at least 100 years, according to photographs of previous tenants. There was a charm about the old which is now gone. But good luck nevertheless to the new venture.

5 thoughts on “Front page”

  1. Seems like another post just to welcome negative comments.

    It might have had a 100 year old shop front and most of you probably remember it when it was first installed… But at least it is not an empty unit.

    Has the front of Natwest always been the way it is now? What about the Green Grocers or Wanstead Fish and Stow Brothers? Wansteadium welcomed the change to the opticians.. and do not get me started on the ever changing, never matching Judith’s signage..

    Fickle. If I had hair I would use the Turkish Barbers.

    1. Totally agree – we should be encouraging new businessses. I really despair at the negativity which pervades all new arrivals on the high street. Swing down to Leyton High Road or Bakers Arms for a sense of perspective. Perhaps we might be more grateful for the entrepreneurs that are giving it a go.

      1. New businesses are great – the more variety of them the better. But why does a barber’s shop need such an ugly shutter? The previous shop front was perfectly serviceable & had a shutter inside. I’ m not against new business just new eyesores.

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