Farewell 62 Spice…

Wansteadium reader Noel sends this photo, saying: “A new Thai restaurant where 62 Spice was. Fantastic. They open (according to the builder) next Monday.”

Fellow reader Trevor adds:
We were told it was our last meal in 62 Spice on Friday evening, news which dismayed us seeing as we’re in there 3 Fridays out of 4 and believed it to be the best Indian in the area by miles (until we recently tried Kanchans at Gants Hill – fabulous!). Astounding to see the signage already replaced by the Thai place which is its successor (good luck with that!). How long did the Cooks – Provender metamorphasis take?
I wonder if the new owners are aware the Wanstead Society are obsessed with the frontage, and its apparent incompatibility with the conservation area (as opposed to neighbouring delights like Chicken Spot and Bairstow Eves!)?

Wednesday update. The Wanstead Society’s Geoff Horsnell adds:
It is very strange that the owner of 62 Spice has now decided to convert to a Thai restaurant. Yes, that is correct. It is not under new ownership. So now, in addition to the enforcement notice that was served in January as a result of the change in shop frontage, he has now decided to compound the problem by introducing internally iluminated signs. These are not allowed in a conservation area, and so Redbridge will have no option but to ensure that the signs are removed.

Also, as for the Wanstead Society being “obsessed” with the frontage, we in the Wanstead Society simply want to see Wanstead remain a pleasant area in which to live. To that end, people must abide by the rules and regulations that are in place. Without this, chaos would reign – and Wanstead would cease to be the pleasant place it currently is.

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  1. Nakhon Thai is a fantastic Thai restaurant and Wanstead is very lucky that they have decided to open in Wanstead, having already established themselves in Docklands and the City

  2. I’m quite excited by this…and with Zainab round the corner, we still have a decent curry house in Wanstead. I didn’t know they had other restaurants but this could bode well. Good luck to it.

  3. @clive, thanks for the recommendation. We will certainly try it as we support all local eateries we like. I just can’t imagine fancying Thai 3 Fridays out of 4…… And it needs to price very carefully.

  4. Purbani … a bastion amongst Wanstead eateries … Have been to Nakhon Thai in City before & found it a very pleasant experience … hope it can be replicated here.Wonder what the folks at Nam An are thinking … Vietnamese now Thai dead opposite … Am thinking the chopsticks may fly !!!

  5. Whilst this is not the place for a protracted argument with the Wanstead Society, I will mention that I did not renew my membership because of this issue, and had lengthy correspondence with them. I mainly support their work, but in this case they are being ridiculously pedantic. In it’s previous incarnation as Gotico, it was drab, dingy and added nothing to the parade. No business would have bought it if they were unable to change it, so maybe the WS would prefer an empty unit? I accept the boxes were not ticked before they proceded with refurbishment, but what is to be achieved by pursuing them now?

    The new signage is a bit bling, I would agree that this needs to change. However, we need all the businesses we can attract, and a sensible balance between preservation and encouragement of commerce needs to be reached.

    I hope the WS is giving equivalent attention to certain hideous house refurbishments and innaproprate new builds a stone’s throw from 62 Hight Street.

  6. As nice as 62 Spice was I’ve always been a Purbani fan and at one point having 4 Indian restaurants in a one minute walk was slightly ridiculous. Absolutely love Thai food and was secretly hoping Cooks was going to be a Thai restaurant(!) though looking forward to trying it as Provender. Thrilled with Nakon Thai opening and can’t wait to try it!

  7. I think the aesthetics of shop frontage is an important issue in any community however, Its an even more integral issue in a place like Wanstead. I regret to say that even the chicken spot sign is better looking than the new resturants. It looks cheap and crass and is lowering the friendly, middle class and independent loving vibe of this beautiful village surrounded by places were chicken shops and signs like those are a plenty. Do we really want our unique-ness slowly being taken from us whilst being turned into Leyton, Ilford or even East Ham with their illuminated high streets?

  8. Having just read about the rumours of a kfc opening on the high street, I feel our concerns over the Thai restaurant really are minimal. Anyone up for signing a petition to make sure that a kfc is never allowed to open on the high street? I am happy to start it if rumours are verified.

  9. We’ve eaten from here a couple of times, both times very impressed with the quality of the food, and what felt like pretty authentic ingredients and styles (though I am no expert on Thai cooking). It was great to hear that most of the stuff is halal, which means that there are now even more options for Muslim diners in Wanstead who want something different to an Indian restaurant.

  10. Just got a take away from Nakon Thai. I’ve literally just put the plate down. Found the soft shell crab utterly tasteless. It came with a pot of hoi sin. Must have been there to try and add some flavour, but why add hoi sin to Thai? The yellow curry was fine, but no veg 5 prawns and a big slice of potato. Very dissapointed at getting food I can cook better at home. Soft shell crab is an utter joke.

  11. After visiting Nakhon thai restaurant for the 2nd time i would not hesitate to return. I went with a group of friends and we spent an extremely pleasant evening. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. The decor and atmosphere was also very pleasant. There is one big fly in this ointment however and that is that we did not appreciate being conned out of £20 for service which was added to each meal at the rate of 12.5%.I have been reliably informed that this money is not given to the hard working and dedicated staff. Maybe if customers question this before parting with their hard earned money, the management of this establishment might just reconsider the practice of taking money out of the pockets of their lovely waiters and waitresses.

  12. Does anyone know if this is run by the people that used to run the one at The Waterfront in Royal Docks?

  13. We’ve had a couple of excellent takeaways from Nakhon Thai. It’s great to see a different cuisine when there’s so many Indian restaurants available.

    Also, pleased to see another takeway is likely to open. As I enjoy the odd takeway (as do so many in Wanstead), another option is welcome and preferable to yet another vacant or charity shop opening up. Is there a petition to sign to allow people the choice of having a take-away?

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