Farewell Manor House… welcome to The Bull

We don’t know the story of how this happened, but the pub formerly known as the Manor House has, thankfully, reopened after its Covid shutdown, but in a new guise.

The Bull is now open, with some familiar faces.

It will come as a relief to many, after rumours circulated widely that the pub would not be reopening at all.

So welcome back and good luck to all there.

10 thoughts on “Farewell Manor House… welcome to The Bull”

  1. Gosh is this Ambridge Will The Archers be coming from there next Shame The Manor House name gone as that is what it was

    1. We’ve been looking for Wanstead associations with the name “bull” but haven’t yet found any – except one of the people named on the War Memorial. Be interesting to know what their thinking is.

  2. We have lost the Manor House but we have still got the poppy pantry so don’t for get to use it u may lose it.

  3. Maybe it’s going to be a steak house too but I didn’t see ‘pub & restaurant’ written on the rather dull grey billboard. I agree ‘The Bull’ doesn’t inspire and would have been better to keep the original name and keep a degree of finesse in keeping with Wanstead Village.

    This venue would be perfect as Wanstead’s own Miller & Carter – oh I wish! A refreshing change from Mediterranean, Mediterranean or Mediterranean with a bit of France thrown in for good measure. Wanstead’s in dire need of a new and exciting restaurant!

    Good luck to The Bull anyway, let’s see what they make of it.

    1. Sorry don’t like the new sign, boring graphics, colours and name, the Manor House was an appropriate name for a elegant historical Georgian property, that welcomed families into the house front garden. The name bull does not even reflect our once free roaming animal visitors who were COWS not bulls!

      1. I couldn’t agree more! I think that explanation is actually a load of ‘bull’ and definitely grasping at straws. I remember the COWS roaming Wanstead as a child so if there should be any reference to this, perhaps “Cattle on the Green” would be a more fitting name.

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