The Wanstead Lockdown Awards roll of honour

Thank you for all your nominations for the Wanstead Lockdown Awards. We are proud to present the following, and on behalf of all readers and the Wanstead Society express our appreciation to all those who are named – and others who remain nameless but whose service has helped in this difficult period.

3 thoughts on “The Wanstead Lockdown Awards roll of honour”

  1. And thank you to Wansteadium for the idea of thinking of these awards…what a wonderful community we live in x

  2. As always, the kindness that the people of Wanstead show for one another is outstanding.

    Thank you on behalf of the team at Cambridge Nursing Home for remembering us while we looked after your loved ones.

    Thank you to all the services listed especially Frank Charles for the countless donations that he’s been dropping off for months that are really appreciated by the team.

    Well done to The Tin in a Bin- a great incentive.

    Wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands frequently.

    Stay safe Wanstead!

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