Farewell to Oxfam’s Andrew

It’s goodbye to Andrew Farress, longtime Wanstead resident and, for the past decade, manager of the Oxfam bookshop on Wanstead High Street. He’s leaving Wanstead to move with his partner to Taunton, Somerset, where he will be taking up a new role managing the Oxfam shop there.

Under his management, and with the support of volunteers and donors, the Wanstead shop has become one of Oxfam’s most successful and has helped raise hundreds of thousands for the charity. He has also been an enthusiastic supporter of the Wanstead Fringe, hosting several events in the shop over the years.

Good luck to Andrew, and thank you for your service.

10 thoughts on “Farewell to Oxfam’s Andrew”

  1. Good luck Andrew -an exciting new phase! I always enjoyed working with when I did my stint at the shop. Taunton are lucky to get you
    Best wishes
    Jude (now in Hexham)

    1. Good Luck Andrew. Let’s hope that the new Manager will manage to resolve issue of how elderly or disabled people can donate books to shop whilst there is no parking or easy access. I stopped donating as no system to collect books from local area even.

  2. One of the things I miss about not living in Wanstead anymore is browsing through the records in the Oxfam shop.
    Andrew was a true pillar of the community and always made a visit to the shop a welcoming experience.
    Very best of luck for he future.

  3. Wishing you all the very best Andrew in Taunton. Its been a real pleasure serving you in City Place Coffee. Thank you for being such a lovely customer. Looking forward to seeing you in the festive season. From everyone at City Place.

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