D’vine riddle

The new building in its final stages

New shop: The rather impressive new building on the site of the former Joliffe Builder’s office is to be an establishment known as “D’vine Nature”. We don’t yet know what kind of business it will be, but a licensing application has been made to Redbridge for it to have an off-premises alcohol licence.

What is it? We’re trying, with our finger stuck in the air, to work out what it might be… An organic wine cellar? A wholefood shop? Something we can’t yet imagine?

Traditional: As ever, we wish the people behind the venture good luck and hope what they bring will add to rich texture of the High Street.

Flashback: The new building was approved after a previous application, which would have been known as The Cube and would have been clad in green, was rejected. This new development provides seven one-bedroom flats and six two-bedroom flats as well as the new shop.

8 thoughts on “D’vine riddle”

  1. Just googled the name – if connected – it seems to sell wine, jewelry, hair oil…odd combination but I guess a health food shop with nicer products? Or may not be connected at all

    1. This Council does not recognise Conservation Area rules. Our road is supposed to be within a Conservation Area (Spratt Hall Road) but people seem to be able to destroy lovely front gardens and turn them into car parks and create drop downs when we already have parking restrictions. It seems Wanstead will eventually go the way of poor old Ilford with few original or ‘conserved’ areas.

      1. I was instrumental in getting the article 4 direction for Spratt hall road many year ago, and I think that should preclude dropped kerbs and paving etc. trouble is lbr planning enforcement isnt greatest but still worth referring it to them.

  2. I have Joe but it appears nothing can be done without going to Court which Redbridge can’t afford to do…………..

  3. Classification
    Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating (47110)
    Retail sale of fruit and vegetables in specialised stores (47210)
    Retail sale of bread, cakes, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery in specialised stores (47240)

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