7 thoughts on “Farewell Vintage”

  1. Who needs Enigma when we have the tasteful, high quality one cut fits all A1 hairdresser. It looks an utter disgrace on the high street. Haven’t seem a single “customer” in there since it opened.

  2. The only barbers to go to is Wanstead Hairdressers on Woodbine Place. It’s a proper community barbers, where not only do you get a quality haircut, at a decent and affordable price, but you have great banter and a good chat with Zidane, Paul and Dave, the three barbers. Without question, the best place I’ve had my hair cut at. The new A1 Hair Dressers looks cheap and tacky, and really lowers the tone of what is, otherwise, an attractive part of the High Street. It has been deserted since opening.

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