7 thoughts on “Fireworks 2013”

  1. I thought the Fireworks at Wanstead Flats was the worst display I’ve ever witnessed. In Fact, it was so poor it was actually quite funny. If you ever going to do something do it well or not bother.

  2. Mark – are you sure you were watching the right display on Wanstead Flats? They were great and free!! I usually go to Eton Manor fireworks, but at £16 for a family of 4, this was the year to give it a miss!

  3. I’m also puzzled Claire. I didn’t go to either but all reports suggested that Wanstead Flats was a great display. Even Radio London’s Eddie Nestor, a Wanstead man, remarked on his show what a wonderful display it was.

  4. The fireworks were great….don’t know where you was Mark.
    Free as well.
    Great evening for adults and kids…..music good also.

  5. Thank god it was free, and so it should be!! At least the music was better this time. Can anyone remember a few years ago when the display had a summer soundtrack? My favourite part of the display was the technical fault in the middle and it stopped for a few moments.
    Next year i’ll go to Eaton Manor.

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