Wanstead weekend photo L

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “After I photographed [fallen] trees, I just had to take a final picture of the once Wanstead Police Station. The decision to close it was on and off for such a long time, one did wonder whether it would truly come about. Seeing it yesterday with all the windows boarded the iconic Blue Lamp gone it is obviously finally over. The last emotion felt was that I have captured it in all forms for future historical interest. The pictures are all safely in my archive.”

7 thoughts on “Wanstead weekend photo L”

  1. Good photo (as always) Geoff. First time I saw the building boarded up made me feel sad, also concerned for the impact on Wanstead of course – and there will be one. Thankjs for sharing.

  2. I happened to be passing when the Blue Lamp was being taken down; the lantern already removed, and the pole lying on the grass, being cut from its electric roots. It was really sad – the end of an era.

  3. I shall admit to having been in there ( to ask a question 😉 )

    Nothing remarkable; although there may be hidden jewels.

  4. I remember there being an open day there years ago. It’s a great idea taking photos of these historical buildings for posterity. I wish I had done before it was boarded up . The same goes for the beautiful Truffles chocolate shop and the adjoining one before they were illegally demolished.

  5. My grandparents, Herbert & Beatrice Kentish, lived at 32 Chaucer Road and 100 years ago this year were married at Christchurch. My mother Winifred and her brother Stanley had a wonderful childhood in Wanstead and she loved the Police Station building and in fact commissioned a local artist to paint it for her. I am so glad that I took some photos before it was boarded up – it looks so sad now.

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