First look: This year’s Wanstead Fringe comedy

For lots of people, the comedy in the Wanstead Fringe is what defines it, and this year will be no exception with six different comedy events planned. Tickets are, as of this morning, now available – you can follow the links below.

Topping the bill again is Paul Sinha. You could say that the Wanstead Fringe and Paul Sinha have a pretty good relationship. After all, this marks his third appearance at the  Having started his career off in the 1990s by qualifying as a GP, he found  his natural aptitude for comedy soon began to overtake his medical career. The turning point came when he was nominated for an if.comeddies award at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe.

But it’s not just comedy. His trivia knowledge led him to get picked as a chaser ITV’s The Chase where he’s known by various names including “The Sinnerman”, “Sarcasm in a Suit” and “The Caviar King”.

Recently, the 49-year old revealed he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. His reaction is that “he probably wouldn’t be appearing on Dancing on Ice anytime soon”. But he is one of a kind.  As the UK’s first gay Anglo-Bengali GP turned stand-up comedian, his act veers from political commentary to turning his acerbic wit on various subjects as ethnicity, sexuality and the state of the UK – to wit: “I’ve just downloaded an app that lets me find all the single, middle-aged Asian men in the area. It’s called Uber.”

And alongside Paul in the line-up are the following, including the magnificent return of Bam Bam (aka Graeme Matthews) who has spent much of the past year on Britain’s Got Talent and will be returning for our Comedy for Kids event.

There are gems all week – the rest of the line-up is as follows: