Live theatre comes to Aldersbrook

Theatre is coming into the heart of Aldersbrook as part of the Wanstead Fringe, organisers have announced. A new play, The Border, is to be staged there as part of a national tour. 

The play is an outrageous parable about identity and “the lines we draw between ourselves and other people”. It is, organisers say, a timely and thought-provoking contribution to current questions.

It’s the first time the Fringe has staged a big event in Aldersbrook – most events have so far been in central Wanstead or Snaresbrook. But the play is to be staged at the Aldersbrook Community Centre in Brading Crescent.

Giles Wilson, director of the Wanstead Fringe, said: “We’ve wanted to host events in Aldersbrook for a couple of years, and it’s great that we are able to do it in a way that also fulfils our mission of bringing live professional theatre to the Fringe.”

The play will be particularly useful for young adults though will be of relevance to everyone. For anyone studying drama, citizenship or PHSE, it will be especially valuable.

Tickets are now available via the Wanstead Fringe site, priced £8 and £6.

  • There are two other plays being performed as part of the Wanstead Fringe. You can see details of them at