Flight paths clear in the Wanstead sky

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Does this stunning early morning sky on Monday give a vivid illustration of the proposed changes to flightpaths from London City Airport?

The plan is that, using new technology, planes will follow pretty much exactly the same path rather than spreading out over a wider area. There are two routes, as illustrated on this map, based on whether planes fly left or right out of the airport, which depends on the weather. We explained more about the plan in this article.

(Anyone wishing to plot the contrails on a map – the chimney pot was due south-east exactly. The photograph was taken by a Wansteadium reader living on the Nightingale estate.)

7 thoughts on “Flight paths clear in the Wanstead sky”

  1. “We explained more about the plan in this article.”
    Yes, and the general consensus bar a couple of people who felt passionate about it was that Wanstead residents aren’t overly fussed, accept that air traffic is an integral part of living in a capital city and that the road noise was louder, more frequent and cars were a greater threat to our safety in terms of pedestrian collisions.

    It’s all well and good going on about the impending doom of some more airplanes over us, but I’d much rather see measure to make the roads safer and quieter as the direct impact of deaths and injury in the borough from cars is a more pressing issue. Our road is used as a rat-run. It’s noisy and dangerous. There are plenty of others like this in Wanstead. Solving this would be of greater benefit

  2. Here we go again. Self appointed mouthpieces for the entire local population declaring that they’re not bothered. Fine. Don’t object and leave it to others who actually CHOSE to move to quiet areas, and took pains to avoid living on busy roads, and who find the existing flights to affect the quality of their lives – let alone an increase – to do so. The fact that there was standing room only at the recent meeting, and that the two representatives from LCY left with bruised eardrums might suggest that not everyone in the area is quite so happy or complacent.

  3. These flights go practically straight over my house, the additional pollutants from the aircraft coupled with M11 traffic exhaust fumes does exactly lend it self to a clean Wanstead environment. If the wind generally blows from the South West, the fumes are blown North East, are we just moving the problem to South Woodford / Ilford ?

  4. Jeez, Wanstead is a quiet area, a few planes in the sky don’t make much difference, if at all?
    Do you complain when the really noisy, low flying forces craft fly past roar above us in formation on the way to Buck house or the cenotaph? No, I thought not!

  5. What I still don’t get as it was never answered last time is that the new proposals by the evil airport make it worse for us in Wanstead (like I’ll really notice any difference) but 3 times as many people will be better off.

    Is this not such a case of Nimby-ism? The idea about ‘sharing’ actually means “Sorry, instead of not having any aircraft, we want you to suffer too”.

    Sorry, but for each person in Wanstead, there’s 3 else where who’ll benefit. I think the majority shoujld benefit.

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