Four weeks to the Wanstead Fringe!


It’s now just four weeks until the inaugural Wanstead Fringe, and there is still time to organise an event as part of it. 

To recap, the fringe will take place from Saturday 7 September to Saturday 14 September, i.e. the week before the Wanstead Festival (Sunday 15 September). It will take place at a number of venues around Wanstead. Volunteers (who in many ways resemble readers of Wansteadium) are organising these events themselves, but publicity is being co-ordinated for maximum effect.We hope that this might be the start of an honourable Wanstead tradition.

So far we have:

* MUSIC – a number of gigs and musical events at a number of venues

* TALKS – about writing, baking, the media, development in Wanstead, ideas

* PHOTOGRAPHY – walking and photographing tours of points of interest in Wanstead

* STORYTELLING – with amazing tales for children

* CYCLING – turn up and join in rides

* COMEDY – with some top acts

* GARDENING – an exhibition of creative greenfingery

* COOKING – to test the skilled an unskilled alike

*AND MORE, including yoga, poetry, and one very big event we are too excited to talk about in case it doesn’t come off.

So what can you do to join in? Well, all of the events above will welcome your support, either as an attender or as a helper. But there may be an idea that you think you really ought to share with your fellow Wanstead folk. We’ve come an enormous way in just three weeks since the idea was first floated, and if that proves anything it’s that there is PLENTY of time left to get your organising head on. Do you, for instance, fancy organising a conker tournament, perfectly timed for mid-September?

In the coming days we will be telling you some details of the events. And in the next week or two you will see our rather nifty Fringe posters around the place. Please get hold of one and display it to help with the sense of event (we’ll let you know where you can get them from). At the very least, do follow us on Twitter (@WansteadFringe), Facebook (, or sign up for our general Fringe email newsletter, available from the new Wanstead Fringe website


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